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We all love to travel but who has the time.  Learn the World app my Merge Mobile lets you and your students travel the globe right from your speech room!  This app allows your students to learn about the countries of the world and then put that knowledge to the test.

If you tap Map Learn you can choose any area of the globe you want to study.  You can tap any country and it will provide the capital, flag, and currency.  You can also tap more info and it will bring up a screen with more information about the country like the languages spoken, type and member of government, when the country was founded, and history of the country.

After you have learned about some new and exciting places you can test your new found knowledge.  There are three different quizzes to pick from: Text, Fly, or Map.

Text Quiz is just what it sounds like. First, you must select an area in the world to be quizzed on.  Then, students are given questions about the countries in that area. Questions are asked in WH formats and direct formats, all with multiple choices.

Fly Quiz has you put your geographical knowledge to the test. You are given 3 countries to ‘fly through’. Just take your finger and draw a line that the plane will fly on. If your flight path goes through the countries listed you get that question correct.

Map Quiz asks you to find a country and tap it to highlight its location. If you are incorrect, the country you indicated will show up one color and the correct country will be highlighted in another.

As you take the quizzes you can collect flags of countries form around the world!

This is a fun app and would be great for older students, I’m thinking Jr. High and High School.  There are so many possibilities.  You can target written language and have students each choose a country, find relevant facts about it, and write a summary of the country.  Also have students write an informative paragraph and have them proofread and edit it.  Work on memory by having students remember the locations of countries,  the map quiz would be great to target this.  Work on memory and answering questions, and even note taking with the Text Quiz.

You can add this app to your speech room for just $1.99  on iTunes.


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3 Responses

  1. I would love to have this app for my language students. I think the possibilities are endless but I can definitely see it helping out my expressive and receptive language kiddos!!

  2. Even though I teach younger students, we live in New Zealand, and as a small country, I believe it is important for children to have a good knowledge of the rest of the world. As a class, we have a mascot on a world adventure at the moment. As ‘Ted’ arrives in each new country, we learn about it. This app would be valuable in being a reference for when this happens, as well as a place for browsing and incidental learning.
    Our class blog, if you want to see our Ted’s world adventures in action:

  3. I work with kids on an island out in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean and many of the them haven’t even been to the mainland–I would love to expand their horizons using this app and of course with follow-up activities. There’s a plethora of things you could do! Mahalo nui for the opportunity! 🙂 ALOHA!

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