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Get your green on! St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, maybe its because green is my favorite color. To go along with this cheerful holiday, I am creating a series of activities. First up, expressive language.

This packet has activities for making associations, describing, and sequencing. The associating activity has pictures, with labels, that the student must state an associated item for to keep the card.  If they can state a correct association they can put the card in their pot of gold. There are 24 association cards and 4 pot of gold mats.

The next activity is for describing. Students choose a card that has a target written on it. Students must describe the target using three different components. The components listed are: category, function, location, appearance, components ( parts ), and composition ( what is it made of ). There some lucky golden leprechaun coins. The student who collects the most coins wins! There are 24 describing cards and 16 coin cards.

The final activity focuses on sequencing. This is an area a lot of my kids struggle with. Students choose a card that states an activity. The steps to complete the activity are written on the card and the student must put them in the correct order. If they can put the steps in the correct sequence they may keep the card, but watch out for sneaky leprechauns that can take a card away!


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8 Responses

  1. Great activity that can be used with both language and artic students. You asked about favorite holidays…mine is Thanksgiving–because it is family-oriented and less stressful than Christmas (which I love except for the stress involved). 🙂

  2. My favorite holiday is 4th of July, because it is summer, there are fireworks, and my boyfriend and I have a tradition of going to an amazing Blues Festival that’s held that week.

  3. My favorite holiday is 4th of July because it’s usually beautiful weather, lots of activities going on, and there’s always picnics/parties. Plus, I still love fireworks!

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