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A couple of days a week I am mobile in my building providing push-in services to certain programs and rooms.  This means I need to pack everything I may need for that day into a rolling cart.  Recently, my rolling cart became more of a hot mess express.  Things were piled on top of each other and basically it turned into a big mess as the day went on and I took things in and out *sigh*.  Well, the hot mess express needed to retire so that meant finding a replacement that wasn’t going to drive me nuts by 2:00 pm. This, of course, led to the question:

What’s the best rolling tote for SLPs?

best rolling tote for slps the speech bubble slp

After scouring Pinterest, Amazon, and blogs I found some options that were worth a second look.  The two that stood out the most were the Madison Rolling Tote by Recollections and We R Memory Keepers 360 Rolling Tote.  I had seen others rave about the Madison so I started to lean towards that but then I saw the 360 and loved the look!  I mean, its pink, its spacious. It was perfect.  Both are available at Michaels with just so happened to have an awesome sale going so I got both to compare.

Here’s the breakdown:


Pros: It’s PINK, spacious, rolling wheels, pockets, has pockets in pockets, collapsable when empty.

Cons: Had to fasten front strap around handle to keep open, didn’t open all the way on top, and I felt like things could fall out of the front pocket at times.

We R Memory Keepers 360 Rolling Tote best tote for slps the speech bubble slp


Pros: Classically stylish (black goes with everything after all), deep and spacious, pockets within pockets, rolling wheels, deep main storage, can open all the way on top.

Cons: Wheels not 360, only comes in one color.

madison rolling tote by recollections best rolling tote for slps the speech bubble slp

After looking at them both, they had a lot of pros.  They could both fit my essentials, (iPad, play animal clinic, and Mr. Potato Head). They both were rolling, they were both cute, but when it came down to it, I could only keep one.

I wanted to like the 360 you guys, I really did.  I wanted the pretty, pink rolling tote to work out so badly, but sadly, function won over fashion this day.  The Madison had so much more storage to offer than the 360.  The 360 also was a little frustrating to use because you couldn’t open up the front flap all the way and the keep to it open you had the clip it to the handle.  Kind of a pain when I need to grab something really quickly and move on.  The pockets on the Madison were great too. There were pockets in pockets and they are deep and spacious.  Just what I need to carry all my materials.

I keep some of my resources in these plastic envelopes and then put them in the tote.  This keeps everything together, organized, easy to find.

Here is the link to the Madison Tote in case you want to check it out more.  And here are some essentials I think you should have in your rolling if you are looking to stock your rolling cart of awesomeness.

Charging Stick: Don’t be caught with a dead iPad

Travel Games: Smaller and easier to fit to than than the full versions.  I recommend two or three.

Other items to keep stocked:

What do you keep in your tote or cart?

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  1. How do I locate your “Quick Reference Chart”? I’ve already looked on your website & in your TpT store. Thanks!

  2. I have been looking at these! Thanks for the solid review! How do you think the Madison would handle going up and down stairs?

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