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I hope you’re having fun hopping from blog to blog picking up some great tips and tricks.  I am happy to share my tip with you when it comes to introducing new topics or areas with your students.

You know that song or tune that gets stuck in your head and you just keep hearing it over and over, well that is what gave me the idea for my strategy.  So here is my tip:

Make it a tune!

When I introduce new areas we are going to work on, I turn the description of it into a tune. We repeat it, tap it out on the table, take turns taping and rapping 😉  We will start every session with this tune until we have it down. It usually takes about 3 sessions.   After a while my kids get so good at recalling which tune goes with which area, that all I need to do is start to hum it and they can pick up and tell me the whole thing.

I hope this helps you during some of your sessions. Have fun hoping and make sure to keep track of the letters so you can enter the giveaway at the end!

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