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Say it ain’t so! Back to school aisles are being set up and  signaling to anyone that works in a school that summer is starting to end.  As much as I would love to keeping these lazy summer days going, my mind has started to think about fall.  Which is probably ok since I have to report back to school in LESS THAN A MONTH!

As I get back to the adult world and back to school,  I thought I would share something new with you.  I didn’t have much for ‘back to school’ and since my caseload is going from mainly grades 3-5 to mainly Kindergarten, I really wanted something fun to kick off the year!


This interactive, back to school themed activity will keep your kiddos engaged thinking for those first few sessions at the beginning of the year giving you some time to get settled.  There are two different activities in this pack: Back to School and In My Backpack. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy, my phone is limping along and desperately in need of an upgrade!



Both actives have 10 clips, 10 sentence strips, and a 10 page * No Prep * workbook that kids can color and put together! I am super pumped about the workbooks. They offer opportunities for carryover, independent work, and proof to mom and dad that you did more in speech than ‘play games’.  There is one page for each clip/sentence strip so they can be done one at a time or all the pages together. When it is done, the pages can be put together to make the book and used at reference or to show off to mom and dad.


There are two ways to play

Option 1:
– Have the student clip each object or action square to the large image. Then, have the student state “what is being done” if you are using the school image, or “what will go in the backpack” if you are using the backpack image. Students may use a carrier phrase on the sentence strips if they need help.

Option 2:
– Give each child a clothespin. Place the large image in front of the students. Read the sentence strips one at a time. The students must listen for the sentence that matches their picture, then they can clip it to the large image.

These are some ideas, feedback from some awesome buyers has said these activities are flexible and can be used how you need.

You can check out this activity in my TpT store HERE.


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