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I have tinkering on the computer again and made some new activities 🙂 I posted them in my store but I wanted to share a little more about them with you.


First up, There Was An Old Lady…BUNDLE PACK.  This is a bundle pack of comprehension books and activities for ALL of the ‘There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed…’ books by Lucille Colandro.  They are the same format as my other comprehension books with the removable question mark to uncover the answer.  There are also puzzles with different sized pieces for activities.  There is a puzzle with 12 pieces and one with 5. This is great if you have younger students or students with fine motor difficulties. For more information on the comprehension books and their activities you can see their description at my TpT store.


Picture from ‘There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books’ comprehension book.
Picture of comprehension book and 12 piece puzzle for ‘There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books’


Next up we have  a Thanksgiving Comprehension Book BUNDLE. This bundle has comprehension books and activities for 3 popular Thanksgiving stories: The Night Before Thanksgiving, Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy, and Turkey Trouble.  These comprehension books are laid out the same as the others.  Each book has an activity that pairs with the story. The Night Before Thanksgiving has a page for students to draw what they would set at their Thanksgiving table. Turk and Runt allows students to put together their own turkey. Turkey Trouble has a pizza with toppings that the students can make. You can read more about the bundle HERE.


Then we have Positional Concepts with Sid ‘The Kid’.  I have quite a few friends working on basic concepts right now and needed something for them to take their skills to the next level.  They were doing a great job with real objects but needed to start to be challenged with paper and pencil tasks, like they would do in the classroom.  This pack covers 14 concepts, but they are presented in pairs, so this would also be a great way to target opposites, basic concepts, and following directions.  It’s a triple threat!  There are posters, warm up direction mats, a one step sheet for quick practice and a sheet with 10 directions for students to follow and show off their concept knowledge.







Finally, I have a freebie that I am really excited about!  The  Language Loop: Antonyms is my newest freebie.  It has 40 strips, each asking for the opposite of a word.  There are also point tallies on each strip for students to earn for correct answers.   Students can keep track of their points on a whiteboard, piece of paper, post-it, etc.  The student to reach the set amount of points ( that you decided on before you start playing ) wins!  This is perfect for traveling SLPs, push-in models, and a quick refresher.  It can be for grades 2 to 6, depending on student levels. You can download it HERE.  Don’t forget to leave feedback! If this is something you like I have some expansion ideas for it 🙂


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    1. Annie you seriously just made my day! I was thinking about making more but wasn’t sure others liked them as much as I did, ha. I definitly will have more in the works 🙂

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