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Today is Tangled Tuesday for Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl, and I am so excited to be participating in today’s edition. Tangled Tuesday is chance for SLPs to use and review each others materials and then let you know what wonderful materials are out there for your students.

I was very excited to review the Circus Is/Are Activity, by Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl. I have several students workingo n subject verb agreement and sentence structures so I was definitely looking forward to using it. This packet has 4 different activities that target is/are in a progressive way, which allows you to use it with groups who are at different levels. There are 144 cards that are used in this activity, so that is a lot of opportunities to practice those developing is/are skills. You also get 24 blank cards to create your own stimuli.   The circus theme is really cute too, who doesn’t love going to the circus?

How to Play:
Each activity has a labeled placemat: Pick the Verb– the students determines whether ‘is’ or ‘are’ is the correct choice, Correct that Sentence– the student corrects the sentence that either ‘is’ or ‘are’ is used correctly, Finish the Sentence– the student is given a subject and must generate the predicate of the sentence using ‘is’ or ‘are’, and  Start the Sentence: the student is given the predicate of the sentence using ‘is’ or ‘are’ and the student must create a subject that will make the sentence correct.  For the first option of play you put all the activity placemats on the table with 24 cards on each placemat. Borrow some dice from a game, it won’t mind.  The student rolls the dice and what number they get corresponds to the activity deck that  choose from.  This really great for those students who students are doing really well with there is/are skills and need to demonstrate maintainence. 
Here is a picture of all the activity mats and their cards before we started playing

The second way to play is to choose one activity deck to work on and give each student a player place mat   The player place mats have one of each picture that is featured on the stimulus cards. The first player to get one of each picture and fill up their place mat first, wins! This was great for my kids who were focusing one skill for using ‘is/are’.

How we used it 🙂
I love activities that I can use with groups at different levels. Circus Is/Are was so flexible for my lesson planning, I loved it!  For my groups that are a bit higher with their subject/verb agreement skills, we played the version with all the activity mats out and the dice. It was a great way for me to see them use their skills in different formats. The sentences were direct and easy for my kids to read, even those who tend to struggle with decoding. The kids really enjoyed rolling the dice and seeing which activity they would get to do. The graphics are very cute and lets us do a bit of describing, bonus!
Pick the Correct Verb in action!

 This a shot of our winners place mat all filled up, he was so excited!

I played the ‘player place mat’ version with my groups that are not as far along with their ‘is/are’ skills as my others.  Again, it was so nice how my students could read the sentences on the cards. Reading upside down all day can be a challenge sometimes! They really liked seeing who could fill up their mats first. I made the rule that if they answered the card correctly, they could keep it and add it to their mats, otherwise it went into the middle. Boy did they work hard to get those cards! In different groups we categorized the cards: foods, sweet, salty,etc. I also used the ‘Start the Sentence’ cards to work on pronouns, and ‘Finish the Sentence’ to target present tense verbs.

This is a great activity and I am so happy that I got to review it. It is progressive with over 100 stimulus cards ( lots of chances for data )  has cute graphics, and can also be used to target pronouns and present tense verbs. I can see this activity becoming a go-to when I start address ‘is/are’ in my speech groups since it allows me to be flexible with my presentation of the concept. It is a must have in the speech room!

Stop by Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl’s TpT store to add Circus Is/Are to you materials.  And make sure to check out her blog for creative tips and information.

Here is a link to a freebie of mine at my TpT store, and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl will have a link to a freebie on her blog as well, so make sure you stop over and check it out!


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