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I am always looking for social skills activities for my kids and when I came across this clip art I knew I had to do something with it. Introducing Build-a-Burger Social Skills!  This packet has activities for problem solving, expected and unexpected behaviors, and perspective taking.  In this packet there are some very tasty looking burgers that are bare!  As students read/listen to the situations on the cards they may add them to their burgers. Each card has a burger topping such as ketchup, mustard, pickles, and some crazy ones like sardines, peanut butter, and ice cream! Get ready for some wacky burgers!

Build a Burger Social Skills

Perspective Taking

This portion contains 24 topping cards with a variety of school situations. It is important for students remember that people look at things differently, from how well done a burger is to how you react to a bad grade.  Students are to read the card, then determine how others could view situation described.  If their response is appropriate then may add the topping on that card to their burger mat.



Expected and Unexpected Behaviors

This activity has 24 topping cards with situations and reactions. It is important that students keep in mind that their behaviors can impact the people around them. Using the ‘expected/unexpected’ vocabulary by Maria Garcia Winner, students will determine if the action to the situation stated on the card is expected or unexpected.  If they response accurately they can add the topping card to their burger.



For some extra info on ‘Expected/Unexpected Behaviors’ click HERE.


Problem Solving

This activity has 24 topping cards with a problem/situation on it. It is important that students remember that it is ok if a situation does not go according to plan. Making compromises and solving problems are skills we must improve to help make our days go smoothly. Students read/listen to the situation and determine what the problem is and how it could be solved. If their answer is appropriate they add the topping  to their burger.



At the end see who has the tastiest, wackiest, weirdest, etc. burger.

There are 6 review strips fro students to demonstrate that they understood the lesson as well as 2 certificates that you can give to students when you see them using their good social skills.


Now how about a chance to win this new activity 🙂  Just enter the raffle below for a chance win!


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12 Responses

  1. This looks absolutely fantastic!!! I love the graphics as well as all of the different activities included. Nicely done! =)

  2. I find appropriate conversational skills difficult to teach in a small group of different personalities and interests.

  3. Because I work in a home-based program, it’s pretty easy for me to address a variety of social skills–it’s implementing them into the situations (by setting them up with peers, etc.) that’s the most difficult. Seems personal hygiene is one people have the most need for, so you can add one more to that topic. Mahalo nui–looks like another great fun packet!:)

  4. Perspective taking– no matter what age and how many times you go through it….they still struggle.

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