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I feel like I have been a little quiet so far this summer.  What’s new with you?  This summer has been a busy one so far. About a week after I got done with school my husband and I took a trip to Kauai! It was our honeymoon re-do 🙂  I got very sick on our original honeymoon last year and we ended up having to come home on day 3 of 7, romantic right?   So, we found a great deal through CostCo and decided we should have a do over!

All last week were kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding ( my new favorite thing! )

Here are some of my favorite pics 🙂

Sea turtle we saw while we were snorkeling! I was so excited and a little nervous to be so close to him, but it was awesome.

‘The Cathedrals’ on the Na Pali coast. We saw them on our ocean kayak tour

Finally made it to the waterfall after a 5 mile hike and falling in about 5 streams.  But it was worth it!  The waterfall is about 1,000 feet high and the water was FREEZING!!!!

Now some interesting facts I learned about Kauai aka the Garden Island in the Hawaiian chain.

– Only 20% of the island is accessible by foot or car! Yup, that’s right. If you want to see the other 80%, air and sea are your only choices.

– The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters! Some people say there are 17, but the additional 5 letters are the original vowels in the alphabet, but they are stressed. The locals we met there said there were 12 so perhaps the locals look at it a bit differently.   Because several words mean different things but were spelled the same way, the use of a glottal stop became necessary.  

– In the beginning there was no written Hawaiian language.  Hawaiian’s passed on their history through dance, aka the hula. So it seems nonverbal language was pretty important to the early Hawaiians.

– It is illegal to touch a sea turtle.  You can float by them, they can float by you, but you may not go after them or touch them.

– Monk seals are an endangered species.  We were lucky enough to see one on the beach, he was HUGE!  They dive down and eat about 40-60 lbs of fish then have to come up and lay on the beach to digest their meal. They cannot digest their food while they are swimming.

– A crazy amount of movies have been shot or had portions of them shot on Kauai: Jurassic Park, Avatar, Blue Hawaii, 6 days 7 nights, South Pacific, etc.

Thanks so letting me share this with you and get ready for some great posts and activities this summer!
Mahalo <--- that means 'thank you' in Hawaiian


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