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Room on the Broom

In Room on the Broom, a witch and her cat are flying through the sky on her broomstick. Suddenly, the wind picks up and blows

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Love Monster

In a world full of cute and fluffy things, it’s hard being a monster! Love Monster is a googly-eyed monster who just wants someone to

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The Gingerbread Man

In the retelling of The Gingerbread Man, a childless woman, and her husband wish nothing more than to have a child. The woman makes a

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Former third grader, Mortimer Henryson loves the class plant, Plantzilla. He loves Plantzilla so much that he begs his teacher, Mr. Lester, to bring him

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The Hallowiener

Oscar is a little dog with a big problem! He has always been teased for his shape and size and it often made him sad.

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