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Goal writing can be tricky sometimes, especially when we are trying to figure just how we want to tackle a skill deficit.  Luckily, for some nerdy reason ?, goal writing is my JAM!  I always write following a S.M.A.R.T goal format Also SMART Goal Bank.  Below you will find examples of Objectives/Short Term (ST) goals.

Please feel free to use any of these as a base to create goals for your students but be sure to align the goals to your student’s timeline and ability ??

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I have several resources geared to goal writing and data collection. If you feel shaky on goals you may want to check out this mini-course.  You can follow my TpT store to make sure you don’t miss any new additions as well as Instagram and Facebook where I frequently share lots of data and goal tips.

SMART Goal Bank

Expressive Language: SMART Goal Bank



-STUDENT will utilize context clue strategies to determine the meaning of unknown words in sentences with no additional prompts/cues and 80% accuracy or better over three consecutive sessions.

-When given a targeted vocabulary word, STUDENT will correctly state the meaning of the word with no additional prompts/cues with 75% accuracy or better over three consecutive sessions.

– When given a multiple-meaning word, STUDENT will state at least two different meanings of the word with no more than one verbal or visual prompt/cues with 80% accuracy or better over three consecutive sessions.