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Language Concepts: Basic Concepts

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Follow a family during the excitement of the Thanksgiving holiday full of fun, family, and food! ___________________________________________________________________________ I recommend using this book for: Students will

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Room on the Broom

In Room on the Broom, a witch and her cat are flying through the sky on her broomstick. Suddenly, the wind picks up and blows

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Jabari Jumps

Jabari finished his swimming lessons and passed his swimming test…so why doesn’t he feel ready to jump off the diving board yet? This is a

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No Yeti Yet

Two brothers decide to go on a yeti hunt. They travel from place to place and are met with a surprise along the way. This

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Dear Yeti

Two hikers are traveling outside in the winter snow looking for a yeti. They decide to write him a letter to let him know that

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