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Maternity leave is not easy.

Before I went on maternity leave, I made sure I had everything prepped and ready to go for my cover to start with in the fall.  I had my Maternity Leave Binder and even some chocolates ready and waiting.  I’d spoken with other working moms about their experiences, I’d read books and articles preparing me for new role. I thought this is all I would need to be prepared for my transition and return… I was wrong.


maternity leave slp the speech bubble


Sooo I wanted to share about my experience going back to work after maternity leave but if I wrote it out it would rival Rapunzel’s hair in length.  Instead, I made this video. I wanted to share somethings about going back to work from a professionals point of view, not a mom’s,  that no one really shared with me.


I hope you found this helpful. If you’re a mom to be trying to navigate the potentially scary world of maternity leave, just know that you’ll get through it and that there are resources out there to help you prepare.  If you have any tips or advice for me or others please share them in the comments.


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4 Responses

  1. I think missing the beginning of the school year is the hardest. I’ve missed the end of a school year (hospital bed rest) and the beginnings of two different school years due to maternity leave. By far, missing the beginning is the tougher time of year to be out! So much gets established at the beginning of the year – routines, new kids, caseloads, schedules, etc. In my opinion, us SLPs tend to be Type A – it’s tough to jump right in and get back to work when a lot of things have been out of our control for so long! I’ve been back 7 weeks and am just starting to feel “in control” again… until I realized I left a pump part at home today!!! 🙁

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I am heading back in a few weeks after a full school year maternity leave. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to spend the time with my little guy but so scared to return with new mommy brain. Your video has helped to calm the nerves a bit…it may be on replay a few times this year. Wish you the best for the new year!

    1. Congrats on your little sweetie Renee! I happy the video was able to help some of those nerves and you replay it as much as you need! I’ve learned that kids are resilient and it is usually worse for us moms than them. Good luck this year and if you need a boost a here and here please send me an email 🙂

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