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I know I have been a little quite on the blog lately and I am so excited to share with you one of the reasons why…


A Colorful You
These are just some sample pages 🙂

A few weeks ago while working with a social skills group of little ones,  I noticed they were having identifying feelings. Now when I say identifying feelings, I am not talking about which face is mad and which is happy. I saw that they could tell me they were mad, but really couldn’t identify what ‘mad’ was.  Then, one day while working on figurative language, I noticed they seemed to relate their feeling easier to the color figurative language phrases such as, ” He feels blue.”.  So I decided to make  something special for these kiddos.  I used abstract illustrations so I could use it with my Kindergarten students as well as my older fifth grades without them feeling it was a ‘children’s book’.

Slide02  This book uses colors to help students understand and describe basic feelings.  These students also needed to work on following directions and answering questions so I had to include some of that as well 🙂


 The book also has a few figurative language color phrases such as ‘tickled pink’ and ‘seeing red’.


Now what is a book without a book companion! This is not a traditional book companion filled with synonyms and verb tense activities.  I made a companion with activities to help students to develop their emotional understanding even more.

  A Colorful You Book Companion

There are pages for each color for students to write and/or draw a time that they felt ‘insert color here’.  The goal is for them to understand the feeling not the color.  The color becomes more  of a quick reference tool.  Students can complete pages and make their own color book.


Of course I had to include some figurative language and synonyms/shades of meaning 🙂


Then there is a describing sheet and stories for each color/feeling.  These short stories contain clues about how the child might be feeling.  After students listen to the story they need to decide which color would be describes the child’s feelings. Then, think of some more words that could describe that emotion. Hello vocabulary work!


Please keep in mind this is not a social curriculum or researched based.  This is something I created for my students that I wanted to share with you.

If you this looks like something you kids might enjoy you can visit my TpT store.  There is a listing for the book by itself, in case thats all you need, as well as, a listing for the book and book companion combo to save some $ 🙂

Soooo let’s have a giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive ‘A Colorful You’ book and book companion!

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