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Getting started can be hard. Whether you are starting your first job after grad school or switching to a new setting, there are always so many unknowns: What will my caseload be like? What will my kids be like? What will their goals be? How am I going to target them?… Having the basics to get you started can save you time and some sanity as you figure out how you want to tackle your new position.

I have put together a ‘Beginner Bundle’ with activities to help you target the most common goal areas on an SLP’s caseload. Now don’t let the name fool you, you don’t have to be a ‘Beginner’ to use this packet. It is simply a bundle to help anyone build their speech therapy materials by giving them a foundation of activities.

So what is in this bundle?

Data and Information Binder
Speech Therapy Organization and Data Binder
Grammar Circus
Grammar Circus
Build a Burger Social Skills
Build-a-Burger Social Skills
Camp Go Together
Camp Go-Together

Just to name a few.  This packet also includes:

That is a total of 15 activities and materials to get you set up! If you click on the activities it will take you to their page at my TpT store so you can check them out. To see more of this bundle head over to my TpT store 🙂

You can win a copy of my Speech and Language Beginner Bundle by entering the giveaway below!





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Meet Maureen

Hey there! I’m Maureen Wilson, a school-base SLP who is data driven and caffeine powered. My passion is supporting other pediatric SLPs by teaching them how to harness the power of literacy and data to help their students achieve their goals…without sacrificing time they don’t have.

Free Dynamic Assessment Mini Course

Dynamic Assessment Mini Course

Get the basics you need to administer and analyze Dynamic Assessments in a school setting.  Dynamic Assessments are great for:

  • Assessing student’s language learning
  • Assessing student’s with multi-lingual backgrounds
  • Getting practical information to make confident decisions on eligibility and goals

Featured Products

Sentence Sidekick Bundle

Language Rubrics: A Progress Monitoring and Data Tracking Tool

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24 Responses

  1. Wow! What an awesome bundle of activities!!! There is something for everyone here….even the SLP! This would help me by providing fresh activities and ideas for the kids, as well as organizational sheets for me! I would be ecstatic to win this! Thankyou for the chance!

  2. This looks like an awesome collection of materials. I have been enjoying many new activities from TpT and this will be helpful as well. It’s nice to have a large variety of materials for my students. thanks for sharing!

  3. This is an awesome bundle. I love that you included a variety of the most common goals. This will be a great bundle to have.

  4. This is a great bundle of activities for all SLPs. I love the new ideas and love to be organized, so this would be great! Thanks for this giveaway!

  5. This bundle is awesome and so creative! This would be perfect for me! i am beginning my CFY in the schools this August! 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity and sharing your wonderful product with the community! 🙂

  6. This is an amazing bundle! I start my CF in just a few weeks and I have no idea if I will ‘inherit’ any materials from the previous SLP!! This would be a life saver! Thanks for this giveaway and for ALL of your awesome products!!

  7. Just was added additional age groups: birth to three and 6-18. I think I could really use all of your awesome activities in this bundle! Mahalo for the opportunity to win your cool packet! Aloha!

  8. This bundle has everything I would need to start the new school year! My kids would be so excited for all the new activties.

  9. What an awesome variety of resources! I could find something to use with each of my students with this bundle.

  10. This is my second year in a school based setting and all these materials would really help build up my library!! 🙂

  11. What a great bundle! Covers such a variety of skills. Perfect for any SLP, not just a beginner!!!

  12. Although I have some of these materials and I love them. I am only a second year SLP with a new job. Resources are precious to me and invaluable for my students. Thanks for the givealway!

  13. I just love how thorough this packet is. I just graduated and am starting my CF TOMORROW!! I would love this bundle to help me start off on the right foot. I love that it has activities in so many different commonly seen areas. 🙂

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