The ‘ANY BOOK’ Book Companion


We just had my school’s book fair this past week.  Let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store! Sooo many wonderful books! It took a lot of will power to limit myself.  I walked away with some new and wonderful books for my room.  I wanted to use them with

The Corporate SLP?


So today I’m a bit off topic,  but I wanted to share a thought I had. If you haven’t heard, Apple released a new product the other day, the Apple Watch. While it looks cool, I think I will stick with my phone for now.   What got me thinking was listening to presentation excerpts that

The ‘WH’ Question Screener


I have quite a few little ones working on ‘WH’ questions, so having something that I can use to quickly take data with is great! I made this handy little tool to help me quickly data on my student’s progress and to screen new students to see if it is area they need to work

Looking Past the Label


The label. These days it feels like it should be a 4 letter word. It is the part that parents seem to fear the most during the IEP process.  The scary thought of  having a ‘label‘ put on their child. For those unfamiliar, to get an IEP ( Individual Education Plan ), students have to

Sound Smash


Here is fun activity you can pull out if you are working on initial /s/ blends, final /sh/, or really any phoneme. Take some play dough and have the student roll it into 5 balls as they are practicing their sounds. I did one ball per word and they had to keep saying the word,

Goldieblox in the Speech Room


  Between the Super Bowl commercials and advertising campaigns that have gone viral, Goldieblox has been making quite a splash. I was always a bit, ok a lot, of a tomboy, so these definitely caught my eye. If you don’t know what Goldieblox kits are here is some information from their website. “At GoldieBlox, our

Yapp All About It!


Apps have become an integral part of speech therapy these days.  Being able to bust out your tablet and open up an app that can help you address your student’s goals for a session is not only time and space saving, but sanity saving.  Apps can be engaging, help target specific areas, and clean up

No Prep Irregular Past Tense Verb FREEBIE


I have been loving no prep/print and go activities lately so I wanted to share one with all of you.   This freebie has 3 different worksheets for you to simply snatch off of the printer and start working on! They all target irregular past tense verbs in a fun way.  There is a multi-task worksheet.

Fluency Monitoring Quick Tip


I have found one of the toughest things for my students who stutter to do is monitor their speech for disfluencies, especially if they are mild.  Not catching these moments causes missed opportunities to practice fluency strategies.  So last week I tried something new. Using interesting articles from Wonderopolis ( I did a post on

What’s In My Cart?


You know me, I love a good sale!  So, I wanted to share a few of my new activities that you may want to snag and save some $$.  I am linking up with Jenna from Speech Room News to share what is on my wishlist and so you can see what other SLPs are

No Prep Articulation


I was so happy with how my No Prep Categories turned out I decided to keep going with the No Prep theme.  I thought a few no prep artic sheets would be super helpful. Well, a few sheets, turned into a 70 page pack!  It is all black and white to save that precious color

No Prep Categories


I’ve been working on categorizing a lot lately and let’s face it, you can only play the same games so many times before you get bored.  So, I needed something new.  I wanted to be able to use it right away too, so no prep seemed like the way to go. Well, let me tell