Step by Step: App Review

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Today I get to share an app with you that targets something I work on just about every day, sequencing.  Step by Step from SOAR Therapy, LLC is an app that uses daily living events as examples for students to put in order. You can choose from Kids or Adults, so if you have a

Ways To Use Felt Food in Speech Therapy


Thanks to a social media post from Speech Room News, I had my eye out for these tasty treats at Target.   I got all 3 for under $10!  So now that I have some new fun toys to play with, I wanted to share some ways I was planning on using them. 1. Sequencing:

A Tasty and Free App


I stumbled across this app the other day and had to share it.  We were reading ‘Turkey Trouble’ by Wendi Silvano and finished our activities a little early.  I wanted to keep going with the pizza theme at the end of the story so I looked for an app. I found this one, My Pizza

The Speech Bubble SLP turns 2!


I can’t believe it’s been two years! Thanks to you, I have grown and so has this blog.  Blogging has changed me.  It has pushed me to be more creative and resourceful.  It has made me re-evaluate and re-think how I do therapy. It has pushed me to learn and research more.  It has allowed

Story Grammar Marker and Social Thinking


One of the ideas I took away from ASHA was using the Story Grammar Marker tool by MindWing Concepts with the Social Thinking curriculum.  If you aren’t familiar with Story Grammar Marker ( SGM ) you can see a post I wrote about it HERE.  It is multi sensory tool to help kids with their

Speech Blogs: Not Just for Kids


Being at ASHA was an awesome experience. I got to talk to a lot you ( you all rock BTW ) about speech blogs and what you liked about them.  A question that I kept hearing was ” Do you write for adults? “.   For the most part, no.  There are a few SLP

ASHA 2014: All Wrapped Up


ASHA… what a crazy blur! It was so much fun to be a part of it from the SLP side and the exhibitor side.  I feel I came away with some great ideas for kids and some amazing friends. These ladies are inspiring. Even though we have been blogging and chatting for years, this was

What’s In Your Cart ? Linky Party!


I love the holidays. I also love a good sale. With two of my favorite things coming up, I am beyond excited!  I am linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News to share what is in on wish list for Teacher pay Teacher’s Cyber Monday ( and Tuesday ) sale.  Just click the

SLP Life Hacks


I love seeing those ‘Life Hack’ articles. Those awesome tips about using everyday items or simple little tricks to make your life soon much easier! Well, why shouldn’t we SLPs have some of those same little tips?  Here is a list of SLP Life Hacks.  Made my SLPs, for SLPs 1.  If you have a

ASHA 2014 Here We Come!


It’s ASHA time people! I may sound like a big nerd but I LOVE the convention.  Its so fun to learn new things, see old friends, and check out all the new goodies in the exhibit hall.  Speaking of the exhibit hall, make sure you stop by and see me and by blogging friends at

How To Avoid The Push of Pushing-In


There has been quite a bit of chatter about push-in speech therapy these days. A lot school districts like the inclusion model and are encouraging their special education ( including SLPs ) to adopt this method of service. This happened to my district this year.  Initially, I had the same question that many SLPs do,

Social Fate or Social Fortune: Social Thinking Review


I love Social Thinking and their materials, that’s no secret. So I’m pumped to share Social Fate/Social Fortune with you today! It is graphic novel type book geared towards middle school and high school students.  This book is from the brilliant minds of Dr. Pamela Crooke and Michelle Garcia Winner.  Even though I said that