Get Kinetic!

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I saw a bunch of people talking about Kinetic Sand on Instagram and Facebook so while I was running errands I stopped by my local craft store and took a look around. They had a sample out for people to play with so I gave it a try. This is stuff is pretty cool!  The


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I was walking through Michaels when I passed their Halloween items ( yes, Halloween! ).  I stopped dead in my tracks! What did I see you ask? BRAINS! A whole box full!  With most people, this would not have been enough to trigger a second look, but to me, my mind went straight to therapy

Don’t Be The SLP Stuck Behind The Table


If you don’t have one you’ve definitely seen one. Kidney, horseshoe, bean, etc. It is known by many names but it is what it is… a table.  We come in, sit down and get to work. We do our crafts, play our games, and make messes. For most of us, including me, it becomes the

Build-a-Burger Articulation


Articulation can be an SLPs bread and butter. I have friends that have caseloads that are 75% artic! Crazy, right?!  I lost count about 10 hours ago with how much time I put into this new activity, but I am absolutely tickled pink to finally share it with you. Introducing, Build-a-Burger Articulation!!! This activity has

Incorporating Yoga Into Speech Therapy


A week or so ago I saw this article going around on Facebook. It talked about how movement breaks are so important for kids during the school day.  You can read the full article HERE.  So I got to thinking about my kids and ways to bring movement into speech.   Something I love is yoga.

Using Tension Hoops in Speech: Quick Tip


Tension hoops are a great, and cheap, tool to use in speech. You can use them with students who are working on auditory memory, phoneme discrimination, listening comprehension, and more. Just grab a tension hoop and some dark cloth.  The cloth will block your face without impeding the sound of your voice. It can challenge

Factory of Categories: App Review

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Categorizing is a key skill that a lot of children struggle with.  Factory of Categories is a new app from Virtual Speech Center helps students, ages 3 and up, learn and practice this skill in a variety of ways. When you open the app feel free to tap on the Info button. This will give

Following Directions Dough


I love doing hands on activities. I find it offers opportunities for  real world application of the skills we have been working on in speech.  However, doing these activities isn’t always in the cards. They can take a long time to prep, use a lot on ingredients, have a long wait time until you can

The UPDATED Organization and Data Binder!!!

Data and Information Binder

I have gotten requests and questions from so many of you asking when and if my Speech and Language  Organization and Data Binder would be updated.  Well, it is finally here!!!  After feedback and some tinkering I am thrilled to show you around and tell you about what’s new First up, there are new cover

Superflex Superdecks: Review

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It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Social Thinking! Attending their conferences, reading their books, and incorporating their materials into my sessions has helped me learn how I can support my students with social difficulties. So, I am thrilled to share one of their newest materials with you now! Superflex Superdecks

Sounds At Home by Virtual Speech Center

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Virtual Speech Center has added another great app to their list! Sounds at Home is their newest addition and it doesn’t disappoint.  Mama Bear helps kids ( between the ages of 2-6 ) target auditory skills in her cute cottage.  Students are given auditory prompts to follow to earn some cute bears to play a

Let’s Use Language

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The creative folks at Everyday Speech have come out with another great app. I really liked their first app, Let’s Be Social and their newest app, Let’s Use Language does not disappoint! After my students learn a skill, the next step is to use it and demonstrate understanding in context.  That’s when it can get