No Prep Irregular Past Tense Verb FREEBIE


I have been loving no prep/print and go activities lately so I wanted to share one with all of you.   This freebie has 3 different worksheets for you to simply snatch off of the printer and start working on! They all target irregular past tense verbs in a fun way.  There is a multi-task worksheet.

Fluency Monitoring Quick Tip


I have found one of the toughest things for my students who stutter to do is monitor their speech for disfluencies, especially if they are mild.  Not catching these moments causes missed opportunities to practice fluency strategies.  So last week I tried something new. Using interesting articles from Wonderopolis ( I did a post on

What’s In My Cart?


You know me, I love a good sale!  So, I wanted to share a few of my new activities that you may want to snag and save some $$.  I am linking up with Jenna from Speech Room News to share what is on my wishlist and so you can see what other SLPs are

No Prep Articulation


I was so happy with how my No Prep Categories turned out I decided to keep going with the No Prep theme.  I thought a few no prep artic sheets would be super helpful. Well, a few sheets, turned into a 70 page pack!  It is all black and white to save that precious color

No Prep Categories


I’ve been working on categorizing a lot lately and let’s face it, you can only play the same games so many times before you get bored.  So, I needed something new.  I wanted to be able to use it right away too, so no prep seemed like the way to go. Well, let me tell

Chicken Soup For The SLP Soul Blog Hop

Chicken soup blog hop

I hope your feeling inspired hopping around.  I spent a long time trying to figure out what to share. It wasn’t easy let me tell you.  Sure there were plenty of happy memories from my career thus far, but I wanted to share something a bit more personal.  I want to share with you how

C.A.S. aka Certified Autism Specialist


In our field we work with a variety of people with a variety of needs. Over the years, at least for me,  there has been quite an increase in the number of students I am seeing who are on the Autism spectrum.  Now the reason why I have seen an increase I can’t tell you.

Gumball Describing


I have quite a few friends working on describing these days.  I start with the EET, which is absolutely fantastic in  laying a foundation for what information can be used to describe and talk about objects.  My kids can tell me what each bead stands for all on their own, they know what type of

Valentine’s Day FREEBIE


What better way to show how much I care about you all than with a FREEBIE!  So many of you had such positive comments about my New Year’s Mini Book I thought it would fun to make a Valentine’s Day one. Students can give their special Valentine a sweet little mini book about them and

5 More Uses for Stickers


Stickers have been in an SLPs bag of tricks for years but there are more ways to use them then rewarding our students for a job well done.  Here are a few more ways to use one of the SLPs favorite tools. 1. Categorize Them Most stickers come in packs with other stickers of the

Rethink PlayDough


Somethings are just classic and PlayDough is one of those timeless creations. It seems no matter how old you are, if there is PlayDough on the table it will end up in your hands.  We know that PlayDough is a great therapy reinforcer and sensory tool but today I want to try and expand your

Speech Homework: Helpful Tool or Waste of Paper?


During my student teaching I saw my mentor pass out a worksheet to each student at the end of each session. When I visited with my grad school friends they told me theirs did the same. So, naturally we all passed out those skill specific worksheets at the end of each session.  My first year