Autism vs Social Communication Disorder


When the DSM-V was released last May we expected some changes.  We saw the changes to Autism criteria and removal of PDD-NOS and Aspergers labels, but one of the most notable to our field was the creation of the Social Communication Disorder (SCD) category. What is SCD? The DSM-V characterizes SCD as… “… a persistent

S…peachy Feedback


I love your feedback! It helps me improve materials and make new ones. So today, I am linking up with Speech Peeps to give a lucky  feedback giver a surprise  Click the link below to see if who other bloggers picked to surprise. Here is my feedback winner this month…   Thank you so much

Preposition Remix: App Review and GIVEAWAY

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Prepositions, aka basic concepts, are something that I work on just about everyday with my students. Prepositions Remix by Smarty Ears is definitely a go to app of mine when this goal comes up. If you are new to this app, I would definitely check out the video tutorial. Just tap Support. You can adjust

iPractice Verbs: App Review and GIVEAWAY

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Verbs can be a tough area to work on with students.  Luckily, Smarty Ears has an app to help with that!  iPractice Verbs is an app that let’s students learn and practice their skills using regular and irregular verbs. Set up, of course, is a breeze.  Just enter in the students name and have them

IMAGINE Checklist by all4mychild: App Review

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We all know that April is Autism Awareness Month.   So, I was so excited when all4mychild asked if I wanted to review their IMAGINE Checklist.  This checklist is an observational assessment of  7 different areas of social communication and interaction for children ages 4-10.  You can find information about the developmental norms by tapping

Inferring and Predicting with Figurative Language


This year I have had to get extra creative to target the goals in some groups. I decided to make this activity to combine some goals and hopefully save some sanity.   I have several students working on predicting and inferring.  These student are also in groups that target figurative language. Sooo….. TADA,  Inferring and

Communication Tips When Talking To Someone With Autism


As SLPs we come across people with Autism sometimes on a daily basis,  but what about our family and friends who don’t?  Here are some tips you can share with your friends and family for when they are in a conversation with some who has Autism. 1. People with Autism have difficulties with non-verbal cues.

Take the TpT Plunge


Felice from The Dabbling Speechie is hosting an awesome linky and I just had to join in the fun. She wants TpT folks to share how they took the plunge into TpT. When I first discovered TpT I did what most do, scan for good freebies. I did this for awhile let me tell you.

Books for Autism Awareness


As part of Autism Awareness month I wanted share some books that you can share with your students.  Friend Like Simon by Kate Gaynor  Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes by Jennifer Elder  Autism Acceptance Book by Ellen Sabin  Friend Has Autism by Amanda Tourville   Andy His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson I hope

Tips and Tricks Binder FREEBIE


Over the years we have all picked up a tip here or a trick there. That little piece of information that can help to nudge a student of that plateau of progress and start trending upwards to success.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like there are so many tips that I

Happy Autism Awareness Month!


Happy Autism Awareness Month!   All month long I will be bringing you posts with information and activities that you can share with your students, buildings, and a families to help increase Autism awareness. We all have those children, students, and populations that we just love. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE all my

Let’s Grow! A Thematic Gardening Unit

Thematic Gardening Unit

Spring is finally here! Well, at least that is what is says on the calendar, outside may be a different story.  Either way, I am getting in the spring time spirit.  To help bring those blooming showers and sprinkles of rain into my speech room I made my first thematic unit, Let’s Grow! A Thematic