Quick Reference Resources for SLPs


Have you ever gotten those questions that have you in a slight panic as you search through all your speechie knowledge for the answer?  ” When should they start using pronouns?”,  ” When should they have this sound?”, etc.   Here are some great quick reference resources that you can go to when these questions

Earth Day Activities

Even though the cover is in color it still looks super cute in black and white.

Earth day is April 22!  Not only do I have a freebie to share with you, but some activity ideas as well. First, I have a FREEBIE foldable, Earth Day minibook for you in my TpT store.  You can just print it off and get to work.  Students can work on various goals as they

Pronoun Clips

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 6.34.48 PM

Brand new to my TpT store, Pronoun Clips! This interactive, and adorable, activity is geared towards Pre-K to 2nd grade students working on pronoun concepts: he, she, him, her, they, and them.    The ‘pronoun kids’ are big! Like a full sheet of paper big!  This makes it easy for little hands to grab and

The CELF-5 vs CASL


While getting ready for an evaluation, my student’s parents told me the child’s outside speech had also done some testing. When I looked at the evaluation they gave me I saw she gave the CELF-5. Ugh. This is my go-to test.  It is my happy place when it comes to evaluations.  I feel comfortable giving

Everyday Speech: Social Skills Videos


Working on social skills is a tough area for SLPs and students’ with pragmatic needs.  Everyday Speech has developed videos that fill a BIG need in the social skills department! Introducing Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos!  So many times I have wished that my students could see what we were talking about. These videos allow

Tips for the Teacher


We know that statistically, 1 in 68 people will be diagnosed with Autism.  As medicine and diagnostic techniques have advanced, we are able to identify these people earlier and earlier, allowing for interventions and support to be established more quickly.  This statistic also means that, given an ‘average’ school, there is at least one child

Why do SLPs LOVE Zulily


You may have been noticing SLP bloggers sharing more and more great finds from Zulily for therapy materials.  At first, I had no idea what the heck Zulily was.  I clicked on a link someone shared on Facebook to find out more…and get the super cute game that they shared! Zulily is an e-commerce site,

What to do when you’re restless about work


Have you ever been sitting at work and think, ” I’m not sure if I like it here anymore. Wouldn’t       ( fill in your fun idea here ) be fun instead?”  Sometimes our days become monotonous and we start to crave something new and exciting. I do this all time with my hair

The ‘ANY BOOK’ Book Companion


We just had my school’s book fair this past week.  Let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store! Sooo many wonderful books! It took a lot of will power to limit myself.  I walked away with some new and wonderful books for my room.  I wanted to use them with

The Corporate SLP?


So today I’m a bit off topic,  but I wanted to share a thought I had. If you haven’t heard, Apple released a new product the other day, the Apple Watch. While it looks cool, I think I will stick with my phone for now.   What got me thinking was listening to presentation excerpts that

The ‘WH’ Question Screener


I have quite a few little ones working on ‘WH’ questions, so having something that I can use to quickly take data with is great! I made this handy little tool to help me quickly data on my student’s progress and to screen new students to see if it is area they need to work

Looking Past the Label


The label. These days it feels like it should be a 4 letter word. It is the part that parents seem to fear the most during the IEP process.  The scary thought of  having a ‘label‘ put on their child. For those unfamiliar, to get an IEP ( Individual Education Plan ), students have to