Spookley Speech Craft


The Legend of Spookily the Square Pumpkin is one of my favorite stories to use for Halloween.  There is a book and app version! I have the app version. I really like it because it can be a bit more interactive for the kids since they can swipe the iPad to turn the page.  It

Following Directions: App Review


It is really hard to find a nice, straight forward app to work on following directions. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great following directions apps out there, but those can be a bit more advanced than what I need sometimes.  When I initially work on following directions, I want to use something

FREE Halloween Apps for Speech


Halloween is coming up fast!  Here are a few FREE apps that you can use to have some extra spooky fun in your room. 1. Mask Halloween Jumble Kids can take a picture of themselves then turn themselves into silly, scary, or funny monsters! This would be great for describing, spontaneous language generation, and more!

S…peachy Feedback

Speachy Feedback image

Feedback, it is something that seems so trivial but is so important! Thank so much for your kind words, thoughts, and suggestions. They help me create better activities for your students and my own. Today I want to thank someone for their feedback. Here is this month’s winner! Carly Fowler, please send me an email

Instagram and the SLP


By now you have probably heard of Instagram. Basically it is like Facebook, but it uses only pictures or videos, not text status updates, to share information.  It was a looong time before I even checked out Instagram, I figured everything was on Facebook.  Boy was I wrong! Instagram is its own social media platform

What’s New?… and a GIVEAWAY!


I have been busy lately adding a few new items to my TpT store. I wanted to share these new additions with you and tell why I am pretty excited about them…and give one away First up, my Interactive Comprehension Books.  So far I have one for The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid

Let’s Learn Emotions: App Review and GIVEAWAY

photo 1

I am excited to share a new app with you today! Let’s Learn Emotions is the newest app by Everyday Speech. This app helps kids learn and understand different emotions through three different activities. With lots of different settings, you can customize the set up for your students.   My kids really liked the Flashcards

Stepping Out Multi-Syllabic Words


Multi-syllabic words can a tough are for students with articulation or phonology disorders as well as apraxia.  I have had a few friends work on these words using different methods: clapping the syllables, tapping them out, hopping, etc. The problem was that they always went too fast or would add extra sounds or more claps,

Concentration Categories


I have a lot of friends who are working on categories right now so I needed something new to mix it up.  What better way to mix things up then to combine two activities into one!   This activity is played the same as concentrations, with the pictures facedown on a table. Students take turns

Obstacle Course of Language


Doing crafts and playing games at the table are fun, great ways to work on language goals, but,  sometimes, our kids want to get up and move!  Making an obstacle course in your room is a fun and easy way get your kids and engaged and work out some wiggles. You can use items you

Cariboo Quick Tip


With all the chatter about the game Cariboo lately, I wanted to share a little quick tip that has a big impact.  Did you know the gem in the game is REMOVABLE! Yup, just twist and it pops out.     You can change out the gem for fun little surprises like stickers, fun erasers,

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything: Comprehension Book


This year I have a lot of little students working on comprehension and WH-questions. I love using book companions with them, but some of them are a little to wiggly to sit for the story to be done, or even a few pages, before we get started. I needed something more interactive. So made an