Rethink PlayDough


Somethings are just classic and PlayDough is one of those timeless creations. It seems no matter how old you are, if there is PlayDough on the table it will end up in your hands.  We know that PlayDough is a great therapy reinforcer and sensory tool but today I want to try and expand your

Speech Homework: Helpful Tool or Waste of Paper?


During my student teaching I saw my mentor pass out a worksheet to each student at the end of each session. When I visited with my grad school friends they told me theirs did the same. So, naturally we all passed out those skill specific worksheets at the end of each session.  My first year

Origami in Speech


So I was looking for something new to do with my kids when something caught my eye. It was a picture on Pinterest of a really pretty origami crane. I remember doing origami in Girl Scouts and how much fun it was. I found this site that walks you through the steps, with pictures! There

Good Reads for SLPs


I love to read and I am always for new books to add to my list. Here are some great read for SLPs. Some of these I have read, some were recommendations. 1. Wonder  A 4th grade glass that had a couple of my students read this book last year, so I decided to read

Cold Weather Speech Activities


Even though the holiday are over the cold weather is still hanging around, for most of us anyway.  Here are some activities and ideas to enjoy the cold the weather from the warmth of your therapy room. 1. Sequence Cold Weather Activities Give students a cold weather activity like shoveling, building a snowman, having a

Vocabulary Survival Kits


Vocabulary is one of the biggest areas SLPs target when working on language. Having a solid vocabulary means students will be able to understand more of what they hear, have more word choices available when they are expressing themselves, etc.  I know I work on synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, etc on a daily basis.

Happy 2015


Happy New Year!  A new year means  new beginnings, fresh starts, and a time to try new things. Typically, people make resolutions. I prefer to think of new things to try/do. So here are the SLP things I’m going to try in 2015… Be more hands on.  I want to try and  incorporate more hands

The Day I Didn’t Have a Plan


We know as SLPs that sometimes our sessions don’t go as planned. Maybe your student was having a better day and you needed to wear your counselor hat. Maybe your student still needed to work on the concepts from last time before they could go forward. Or maybe they just didn’t want to do what

10 Best Apps of 2014 by a Yapp Guru Expert


This year I will be entering 2015 as new Yapp Guru Expert!  So to close out 2014 and ring in 2015, I wanted to share my top 10 apps of 2014. Make sure you click the image below to see what other apps made some Yapp Guru experts lists.   1. Articulate It! Pro by

Pronoun Heroes


The name  Pronouns Heroes says is nice and loud that this app has a great superhero theme that students will enjoy!  Smarty Ears new app has a large variety of pronouns are addressed in this app, some of  the types included are: personal subjective, personal objective, demonstrative, possessives, and reflexive. After you set up your

The Apple Star


A long time ago, I was a Girl Scout. I loved it! The camping, the crafts, the cookies! I still love all of those thing, but I think my love of the cookies has grown the most.  Well, as a I grew, I became a camp counselor for the Girl Scout day camp I had

Step by Step: App Review

photo 1

Today I get to share an app with you that targets something I work on just about every day, sequencing.  Step by Step from SOAR Therapy, LLC is an app that uses daily living events as examples for students to put in order. You can choose from Kids or Adults, so if you have a