What’s In Your Cart ? Linky Party!


I love the holidays. I also love a good sale. With two of my favorite things coming up, I am beyond excited!  I am linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News to share what is in on wish list for Teacher pay Teacher’s Cyber Monday ( and Tuesday ) sale.  Just click the

SLP Life Hacks


I love seeing those ‘Life Hack’ articles. Those awesome tips about using everyday items or simple little tricks to make your life soon much easier! Well, why shouldn’t we SLPs have some of those same little tips?  Here is a list of SLP Life Hacks.  Made my SLPs, for SLPs 1.  If you have a

ASHA 2014 Here We Come!


It’s ASHA time people! I may sound like a big nerd but I LOVE the convention.  Its so fun to learn new things, see old friends, and check out all the new goodies in the exhibit hall.  Speaking of the exhibit hall, make sure you stop by and see me and by blogging friends at

How To Avoid The Push of Pushing-In


There has been quite a bit of chatter about push-in speech therapy these days. A lot school districts like the inclusion model and are encouraging their special education ( including SLPs ) to adopt this method of service. This happened to my district this year.  Initially, I had the same question that many SLPs do,

Social Fate or Social Fortune: Social Thinking Review


I love Social Thinking and their materials, that’s no secret. So I’m pumped to share Social Fate/Social Fortune with you today! It is graphic novel type book geared towards middle school and high school students.  This book is from the brilliant minds of Dr. Pamela Crooke and Michelle Garcia Winner.  Even though I said that

What’s New for You


I have tinkering on the computer again and made some new activities I posted them in my store but I wanted to share a little more about them with you. First up, There Was An Old Lady…BUNDLE PACK.  This is a bundle pack of comprehension books and activities for ALL of the ‘There Was An

Thanksgiving Craftivities


Getting crafty in speech is a great way to engage your kids and practice some great language and artic skills.  Here are some craftivities ( that is a craft and activity combo ) that will be great for Thanksgiving and make your kids hungry for more.  Bonus, a lot of them are freebies! 1. A

Speech Slime


I LOVE getting messy in speech! A mess means we did something hands on and SUPER FUN. What could be more fun then glitter slime to work on following directions, describing, sequencing, and more! You can find the original recipe HERE,  but are the materials and recipe for a quicker reference. It is super easy!

Tell Me The Story Of… FREEBIE


Retelling stories to work on sequencing and details can be challenging for my kids. Keeping things in order and then sharing what is important can be quite a task. I created a freebie to help keep my students thinking about the sequence of the book but allowing them to express those key details by either

Phonological Awareness Lab: App Review and Giveaway!


Phonological Awareness Lab is one of the newest apps from Smarty Ears.  There are 4 different activities for students to play to practice and grow their phonological skills. The Sentence Experiment room has students listening to determine how many words each sentence contains.  They tap the dropper for each word and then the beaker when

Verb Quest: App Review and Giveaway


Smarty Ears has a new app to share, Verb Quest! It has a magical theme that is perfect all year round.  The app has lots of features to customize so you can fit it to your student’s needs. It is super easy to set up.  Just enter in your students’ information and select them.  You

Kits and Programs All SLPs Should Know About


There are sooooo many kits and programs out there for SLPs to use with their students. Kits for everything from apraxia to articulation, fluency, language and more.  With so many out there, which are the ones that SLPs have given their tried and true stamp of SLP approval on?  There are probably more than what