Speech Room Staples


I am linking up with Shannon over at Speechy Musings to share my speech room staples. In her post she brought up a good point, with so many items on TpT it can get overwhelming and while the Top Rated products are great, there are other activities out there that can fit your needs just

5 Games Even 5th Graders Will Play


We all know kids love games. We use them all the time in therapy to motivate and engage; but what about our older students? Those kids who are too cool for Candyland and roll their eyes at Chutes and Ladders.  Here are some games that yes, even those super cool 5th grades, and some middle

S…peachy Feedback


I can’t stress how important your feedback is to me and to other TpTers.  Your feedback helps me improve materials and create new ones. So  I am linking up with Speech Peeps to say thank you and show my gratitude to a lucky feedback giver. Click the link image below to see who other SLPs

Language Rubrics

Language Rubrics

This year I have a lot more students who are working on carryover skills or advancing with their goals.  I needed to advance my data tracking methods too.  Introducing…Language Rubrics. I made these language rubrics to make tracking my student’s growing abilities easier.  There are 28 different rubrics in this packet. – Categories – Associations

The Language Intervention Survival Kit

Intervention Survival Kit

Over the past few years schools have shifted from the ‘ screen and evaluate ‘ model of service to RtI (Response to Intervention)/MTSS ( Multi-Teired System of Support ).  This new mind set of service means a more thorough look at the students and their abilities prior to evaluation, but also more time for the

McGyver SLP


When I was in grad school one of my professors managed to scare my entire class with 2 words, ” No materials.”   When everyone started breathing again, she told us a story of how her grad school professor would go into their therapy rooms and take all of their materials as they were getting

Why Are They Going To Speech: Teacher Handout


A frequent question I get from teachers year round is “Why do they need to go to speech?”  When students are mild or do not receiving other services like LD support, the reason for my pushing into the classroom or pulling the student out can be unclear.  I created this handout to answer the 3

One Phrase, 5 Ways


I love it when I have one activity that I can use all day with all my kids.  Kind of like a speech therapy swiss army knife.  Well, this one is quick,easy, and something you already have. Just use the phrase, ” What do you want to be when you grow up? ” Yes, with

5,000 Friends Fiesta!


I am absolutely thrilled and humbled with all new friends who have come by the blog lately. I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU and even those words don’t convey the feelings I have they will have to do for now.  But there might be something else I can do…. like a GIVEAWAY!!! To

My Speech Room: Let’s Get Wordy!

photo 4

I love my Magical Speech Room last year, but this year I wanted to do something new!   I was looking around saw this awesome Scrabble boarder at the teacher store and knew I had to use it!  So this year in speech, we’re getting wordy!   The inside has the same wordy theme I

Dress Up Your Desk

photo 1

Aside from our speech tables, the next place we spend the most time at work is at our desks.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes that laminated wood can get a little boring to look at.  So this year I decided to dress up my desk! Contact paper and vinyl decals will be your

S…Peachy Feedback Winner


It’s time for S…Peachy Feedback again! I am linking up with Speech Peeps to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for leaving feedback. Your comments and ideas help to improve activities and create new ones.  You can click the image below to see who other SLPs are thanking this month.  Now, let’s kick off