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Speech Sound: ING

Turk and Runt

In the story Turk and Runt, visitors are coming to Wishbone Farm to pick out a turkey to eat for Thanksgiving! Turk thinks that the

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Sadie and the Snowman

For an entire winter, Sadie builds and rebuilds a snowman. She realizes that her special friend would not last after the winter and decides to

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The Gingerbread Man

In the retelling of The Gingerbread Man, a childless woman, and her husband wish nothing more than to have a child. The woman makes a

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Jabari Jumps

Jabari finished his swimming lessons and passed his swimming test…so why doesn’t he feel ready to jump off the diving board yet? This is a

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The Very Last Leaf

Lance Cottonwood was the ‘best and brightest student’ who excelled in all of his classes. Towards the end of the semester, he began to worry

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