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What are the essentials? Those must have items they we need on hand to be SLPs at the top of our game!  Here is my list of those oh so vital materials, that all speechies should have handy.


A good, personal laminator:

of course, laminating pouches:

Velcro dots are a must. If you start to run low, cut them in half.

These plastic zip pouches are amazing for storing activities. I had used gallon zip lock bags in the past but these are so much more durable and fit perfectly in my filing cabinet!

A cute desk caddy to contain all the clutter that you know is going to happen:

Target has some really cute options too 😉

Let’s talk office supplies and excuse me if I get a bit giddy…
Flair pens, need I say more

If you’re not into Flair Pens, then check out these Ink Joy. I kind of feel like I am cheating on my Flair Pens when I use these.

Post Its

Post It Holder

Really cute paper clips because why not have those reports be adorable:

I have two of these carts in my office and they fabulous.  They add some nice color and the three shelves can hold a lot.  I have one for some small games and quick grab items ( hand sanitizer ) that sits next to my therapy table and one that has my laminator and cutter, binders, etc.  You might want to check hobby stores like Michael’s for these. They typically have good sales and if you are in a school you can get a teacher discount if you show your badge.

Also, a make sure you have a good paper slicer.  Why I used scissors for so long I will never know.  This makes prepping materials go faster, it really does.

Every good SLP needs a something to keep all their IEPs, screenings, evals, etc in order.

Here is a planner I have made just for the SLP who wants some organization and order in their life.

If you are looking for something more main stream, I recommend Erin Condren Planners or Plum Paper Planners.


A great bag to haul materials that you home but never work on. This is the CLARA from Better Life Bags. If you have not heard of this company I highly encourage you to check them out. They hire local women who have various barriers to employment and help them find a way to become successful. Sticker shock alert, these bags are not cheap but I have never met anyone who has one and said it was a waste of money.

A cute mug for the coffee ( or tea ) you hope to drink it hot:

A basket to keep those little essentials in, so you are no getting up 5 times a session:



Can we talk style here? I’m a T-Shirt and jeans kinda girl myself, dressing up isn’t really my thing mainly because I have no idea how to put an outfit together.  I have used Stitch Fix many times to get work clothes and been really happy with their choices.  If you go that route, just make sure you are specific in your note to the stylist about what you are looking for.  Mine always says machine washable, because who really has time to get anything dry cleaned.

I’m tall, so pants are an issue.  It is hard to find a pair that fit great and also have enough length so I don’t look like I’m getting ready for the flood to come in.  After I had my son I splurged on a new pair of BETA BRAND dress pants for work. OMG! Seriously OMG!  They are dress, yoga pants…just let that sink in. They came in long so that solved the length problem and they fit great.  The material is thick so they look professional and they are so comfy!  Just check them out, promise? Ok.


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