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Brand Ambassador’s are Speech-Language Pathologists who adore products from The Speech Bubble SLP!

Members of The Speech Bubble’s ( TSB ) the Brand Ambassador Society will:

Should I Apply?

If you’re an SLP who loves using TSB resources with your kids, then heck yea! I am looking to bring together a select group of professionals who are passionate about being SLPs and sharing how TSB resources can help students grow. If this sounds like you, then don’t miss your chance and click the link below.

Do I need special materials?

Nope. A smartphone and a great eye for snapping pics is all that is required. TSB brand ambassadors will need to join a private group and have access to Google drive.  Each month, they’ll receive products in exchange for photographing those resource in action and sharing the photos The Speech Bubble SLP.

How Long Can I be A Brand Ambassador?

This brand ambassador cycle will be for 6 months, starting in August of 2020. Other TpT sellers and bloggers are not eligible to become a BA.

To apply to be a brand ambassador for The Speech Bubble SLP, please apply here. Selected applicants will be contacted via email. Applicants not accepted will not receive an email but are encouraged to apply during the next round!